The Best T-Shirt Basics

The Best T-Shirt Basics

If there is one piece of clothing in my closet that I wear at least once a week, it would have to be the basic t-shirt (and variations of it).  There is something elegantly casual, yet understated when wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. But not all t-shirts are alike.  When shopping for your basic tees look to quality fabrics.  Peruvian and Japanese cottons are some of the best.  Naturally, these are going to be more expensive cottons that you will find in your average tee, but investing in quality t-shirts is definitely worth it.

My Favorite Tees

When investing in a t-shirt wardrobe, aim for variety.  You can’t go wrong with basic white (for Spring/Summer) and black (for Fall/Winter).  You’ll want your t-shirt wardrobe to have varying degrees of stretch as well.  For example, The Great Eros Natura Short Sleeve Tee is my go-to casual tee (with minimal stretch) to wear with jeans.  This tee is indestructible.  I’ve owned it for about six months now it still looks as good as when I first ordered it for my store. At $125, some may be in sticker shock, but this tee is well-worth it. It cut sightly short to be worn with high-waisted pants.  It’s Japanese prima cotton is also tightly ribbed and cool to the touch for those warm DC summer days.

Some of my other tees incorporate stretch.  For stretchy sophistication, I love Wolford.  If you were sticker-shocked at $125, be prepared to pay about twice that.  I wear my Wolford tees for an elevated casual look, pairing them with jeans, trousers, or skirts to keep my look minimalistic or show off another item of clothing I’m wearing.


Now that the ’80s and ’90s are coming back in style, we can wear our bodysuits again without shame. I love wearing bodysuits because they allow me to move as much as I want without the annoyance of having a stretchy shirt ride up. A polished look yields more sophistication. Again, Wolford is great brand for body suits, containing the perfect about of stretch and opaqueness (a definite necessity when wearing white). 

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