Dressing for Happiness Part 2: Fit

Dressing for Happiness Part 2: Fit

We’ve already touched upon how color and patterns can not only reflect our mood, but change the way we feel.  Another important component of  “dressing for happiness” is the fit of a garment.

Is it a coincidence that all superheros wear extremely fitted clothing? Of course not. Diving into the scientific literature, a study conducted by Professor Karen Pine, co-author of “Flex: Do Something Different “found that what a woman chooses to wear is heavily dependent upon her emotional state.” Particularly, women were more likely to wear baggy clothing when feeling depressed.

Wearing fitted clothing makes you feel more empowered whereas wearing loose-fitting clothing seems to do the opposite. More importantly, studies have shown that individuals can change their mood by changing what they choose to wear.  An aQualitative Research In Psychology report from 2008 reads A dress that enhances the body can be valued not only because it makes the wearer feel more confident, but also because remembering the confidence and admiration these garments brought is valued long after it has ceased to be worn.  This is certainly why Wonder Woman loves wearing bodysuits, and so should you!

If you are dressing yourself in clothing that is fitted to you body, you will need a well-made bra (that fits you well).  Think of a well-made bra as an anti-gravity belt.  Perhaps Batman would would wear one if he had boobs.  Well-made bras will last you many years, whereas those that are not will last you a year tops.  The high-quality elastic is one of the more important features of a bra.  Once elastic becomes stretched out (which happens very quickly with cheap elastic), the simply cannot give you the same amount of lift.  Without the proper amount of lift (in many cases for women after a certain age and/or larger than a certain cup size), clothing will simply not fit properly.

So, what are some tips to make sure your bra is fitting properly. (1) Make sure the band of the bra fits straight across your side (when looking at yourself in a profile view). If it rides up in the back, that’s a sign the band is too loose. (2) Make sure the center (apex) of the bra lies flatly against your sternum. (3) Select a bra style that compliments your breast shape. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and luckily, cups do too! When in doubt, I gravitate towards demi-cup and plunge styles, since they seem to cover most shapes. When in doubt, feel free to ping us for a skype bra fitting.  We offer these complimentary!

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