Do It Yourself Boudoir Photo Shoot: A Bedroom-less Boudoir

Do It Yourself Boudoir Photo Shoot: A Bedroom-less Boudoir

Being a solo small business owner means that often times you’ll want to cut corners on price when you can without sacrificing quality.  Many of us choose to collaborate on projects, thereby sharing the costs and the rewards.  I had been wanting to collaborate on a boudoir shoot for sometime and contacted a few local photographers that would fit my style and vision.  After hearing a bunch of maybe-laters, I was approached by Alexandra Gergar, a photographer that wanted some more content in the boudoir setting.  She then got Amanda Merrell of Amanda Merrell Beauty on board to provide makeup and hair services.  I approached Meredith Wallace of Rockingbird Flower Co., whom I met through a networking group, and she gladly accepted.  It took a couple of months of arranging.  Venues that would allow lingerie to be shot in exchange for being promoted where scarce.  Luckily, I had just moved to a new place with an amazing fireplace and mantel.

We all had to work around a snowstorm and limited daylight, but the result was a whimsical, romantic boudoir shoot with an abundance of florals and elegant lace without being over-the-top raunchy.  We purposely left the bedroom out of it this photography and instead decided to have the beautiful Sofia Alonso pose on the floor, love seat, etc.

This got me thinking. . . why aren’t all or even a considerable amount of boudoir shoots like this one?  The understated sexiest of taking the “boudoir” into the living room added a lot of freshness. If you are interested in re-creating a boudoir-style shoot like this one, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Find an spot in your home hearkening something beautiful and classical.
  2. Move furniture around to get the right composition for the photographer and add props and decor accessories to make the shoot look rich and luxurious and not studio-like.
  3. Add a bunch of florals.  If you’re talented and have the time you can make these floral arrangements the night before or morning of. . .or you can hire a professional photographer.
  4. Now just add lingerie, hair, and makeup.

At Duchess of Dupont, we’ll work with you to make sure your boudoir shoot is unforgettable. Many of our items are made in small batches and are sure to turn heads.  Like our boudoir venue?  We’ll offer it to you complimentary with a purchase of $500 worth of lingerie, swim, or leisurewear.

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