Dressing for Happiness Part 1: Color

Dressing for Happiness Part 1: Color

It has been scientifically proven that what you wear affects your mood and your mood affects what you wear. Certain colors one (individually or culturally) associates has happy can literally uplift your mood. Since we are all striving for happiness, why not take a step toward happiness by dressing for it. We’ve purposefully curated our store to increase your dopamine levels, getting you to and keeping you in a happy state.

Start Your Morning with a Smile

Who doesn’t want to start their morning with a smile. We carry the highest quality silk robes with vibrant prints to help you get there. How you can you avoid smiling at the sight of these whimsical butterfly, bright paisley or stunning coral robes?

Now it’s time to get dressed. Step into and fasten yourself into a vibrant bra and panty set from Antinea. No one may be able to see them under your clothes but you know that you’re wearing something bright, sexy, and chic, and this “feeling” is what creating a happy mood is all about.

Antinea Hot Pink Bra and Panty Set

Be Radiant When Out and About

We want to dress you in happiness from head to toe, so we’ve chosen some footwear that will make you glow. Our fruity espadrilles, are practical yet contain lively prints (cheeries and lemons for now) that will put some happiness in your step.

Cherry Espadrilles

Make a Splash in Happy Prints and Colors

There is a reason our swimwear (for the most part) has a retro slant.  We want to take you back to happier, simpler days.  We can’t get enough of our retro prints and bright colors, they’ll  make you channel your inner Bridget Bardot bombshell, who’s probably was a lot more fun than all the Kardashians combined.

Maison Lejaby “Bond Girl” Swim Set in Bright Orange

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