Your Neighborhood Lingerie E-Commerce Store

Your Neighborhood Lingerie E-Commerce Store

Hello from your friendly, neighborhood e-commerce store.  Is this an oxymoron?  Of course not.  In fact, it’s the new retail model of the future.  Brick-and-mortar is slowly dying in Washington, DC.  Take a look at Georgetown now and it’s as plain as day.  When corporate giants are moving out, you know change is coming. Social media has also taken over making the internet a far but personal place.

Change is coming and I’d like to think that my DC lingerie store concept is following suit.  Duchess of Dupont is a curated collection of mostly small, independent, emerging brands or brands not yet widely known to US consumers.  It’s a tough world out there, even online, so my hopes are that this niche will help grow my business and the all small businesses I represent.

Though my lingerie, swim, and leisure shop is online, I am a living breathing person in Washington, DC-Adam’s Morgan to be exact.  So I will continue to live, breathe, and market my store all around the DMV in locations such as Adams Morgan, Dupont, Georgetown, Navy Yard, and more.  I am participating in several festivals and pop-ups coming up this summer, which can be viewed here in addition to DC Swim Week 2018.  

These local events are not all about me.  They are largely about you!  I really want to get out there and find out want my clients need and want in the DC lingerie marketplace.  The nice thing about carrying small and independent designers is that you can collaborate with them to come up with solutions that suit your customers.  I’ve started to dabble in this a little already with comments I’ve gotten from my clients thus far.  So feel free to keep the comments coming to make the DC lingerie marketplace your place as well.  

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